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Tao of Coffee said in May 3rd, 2006 at 8:24 pm

Wow, what a sad post! I won’t blow sunshine up yer ass or anything, but I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. Not everyone is meant to be some size 2 supermodel. You have traits that any one I know would kill for. For one, you’re one of the smartest people I know. You pick things up like it’s just second nature to you. Another is that you are one of the wittiest, funniest people I know. That’s shit you don’t really learn- you either have it or you don’t. Another is that you have genuine care and concern for your friends and family. You take on others problems as your own. You’re not judgemental; you’re open to all types of people. With all you have going on and the beautiful person you are, weight should be way, way down on the list of important qualities. I know weight is a bummer- I’ve been fighting my own battles with that over the years. The point is not to give up. Until you can figure out what will work, don’t discount everything else great about yourself for that one thing. Weight can be lost- don’t lose yourself in the process!

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Ange said in May 4th, 2006 at 12:36 pm

It would be so easy for me to sit here and reel out the usual platitudes like weight not being important and how everyone should stop judging others on their appearance, but unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. I have struggled all my life with my weight and thus my own self-image and although my parents were great in instilling the ability in me to not judge people on the way they look, I beat myself up to the nth degree about the way I look.

I have been exactly where you have and have often literally cried at the body that greets me in the mirror. I am still not happy with the way I am now and the most frustrating thing for me has always been that unless I starve myself, and that is in the absolute sense, I cannot lose weight. Part of my brain has started to rebel at the ripe old age of 32 and will occasionally say “Fuck everyone else if they don’t like the way I look”, but then I realise it all comes back to me and the fact that I don’t like my appearance.

Fuck me I sound like Dr. Phil now. You are a tremendous person and every picture I have seen of you tells me you are beautiful, inside and out. I know I said I wouldn’t do this but real beauty comes from the soul and you have it in spades, and it shows in your eyes and your smile. And I honestly do think you’re hot. :D

Sorry if this sounds like I am trying to kiss your ass to make you feel better but I just wanted to say I know how you feel, I have been there myself (and still am to a great extent). If there’s anything I can do let me know, I’m halfway to the airport already dagnammit!

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