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Anonymous said in June 30th, 2006 at 12:33 pm

Oh. My. GOD!!!

Hun, you handled that so much better than I would have done. I would have thrown up on the spot!!!

JESUS!! That is so fucked up!! Who would even think of doing that? I am sorry but eeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!! This is why I NEVER use a public loo unless I really can’t hold it in. I’m just too squeamish, especially when it’s that kind of thing. It’s bad enough when you go in, and, like you say, there’s a turd or a tampon floating or piss on the seat, but Jeeesas!!!

I’m sorry, I just find it so unbelievably disgusting in this day and age that any woman would have the lack of common sense and manners.

You should casusally mention it to your co-workers, like “oh my GOD, guess what I saw in the toilets” and see who has the guilty look on their face, then you can identify the smegma whore.

Ugh. What a sicko!!
Maddy xxx

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Tao of Coffee said in July 6th, 2006 at 6:44 pm

I think I could have safely and happily gone my entire life without knowing what smegma is. Now I am ruined.

You work with some disgusting f*cks, A. No doubt we all do. I came home last night from my fabulous vacation to a toilet covered in…you know. All that gross stuff you don’t even want to begin to ID.

After staying in campgrounds for the past 7 days, I can factually declare that people have serious toilet issues. Why can’t they just sit on the damn thing, do their business, wipe, flush and do a quick check to make sure the area is clear of debris? Is that so hard, really? What kind of society do we live in that results in adults who have the bathroom habits of toddlers?

I feel for you, I really do. If I were you, I wouldn’t enter your restroom again without instant hand sanitizer and toilet seat covers.

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