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jeNo Gravatar said in September 10th, 2008 at 9:23 am

120 Minutes…*happy sigh* I miss that show. I almost wish I had TiVo so I could record it off of VH1. I’m sure it doesn’t rock as much as the original, but hey a crappy imitation is better than the shite they play on MTV, MTV2, and VH1 these days. I really should have kept more of my Dad’s recordings of 120 Minutes on its original run. My bad.

BTW- your friend’s boy friend? Sounds like King douche-bag to me. I totally knew guys like that back in Jr. High and High school. Losers.

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mooNo Gravatar said in September 10th, 2008 at 9:33 am

Over at the 120M playlist archives, I’ve seen people mentioning that they’ve gotten these playlists off of their old VHS tapes. I’m hoping this means that someone out there is ripping those tapes to their computer and possibly offering them up on torrent. I think my favorite 120M timeframe was from around ’88 through about ’95. Good times.

Bill was a COMPLETE douchebag. OMG the stories I could tell you about him. Debbie and I each had that ONE GUY in high school who totally tripped our lives out, and Bill would be hers. She was ALL about him and he could be cool once in a while, but mostly he was a dick.

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