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Louis GrayNo Gravatar said in May 12th, 2009 at 11:04 am

Hmmm. That’s disappointing. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had the cash to buy enough material goods to show them off, but I haven’t seen that too much. Our babies are expensive and we play show and tell with those, but only because the community seems to crave it. My car is a 1998 model and my computer is 2007 era. Our TVs are good (about 2008?) but I’ve never shown those off. Should I start?

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Kasper SorensenNo Gravatar said in May 12th, 2009 at 11:43 am

Interesting rant. I think you could put any social service in place for Friendfeed there actually. I must say I rarely come across this sort of behaviour, or maybe I’m simply naive enough to think people are genuinely seeking advice or offering advice to other Porsche owners.

Friendfeed is still in it’s very early stages, and early adopters seem to be technological advanced. Many of them like to discuss things like gadgets, review them and stuff like that. So the discussion at friendfeed at the moment might be slightly coloured in that regards. Maybe that will change as it goes more and more mainstream.

But in the end we are all ego-centric in that regard. It’s about attention for everyone online. Why did you write this post and published it? Why did I leave this comment?

Seriously, if you got a Porsche wouldn’t you be crazy proud and show it off to your friends? I know I probably would :-) .

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jeNo Gravatar said in May 12th, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Here’s the thing- what do you say about a person who is *bragging* (slyly or otherwise) on the internet about recently acquired awesome thing rather than out there using it? (Camera, car, whatever.) Unless you just bought the most awesome internet ever, you’re not exactly using your prized item, now are you? Not sure I have words that can describe how freakin’ LAME that is. If you bought an awesome fucking camera, take some amazing pics and post them for all to admire. Not your awesome purchasing power. ‘Cuz who gives a fuck about that? There is so much mutual masturbation happening on FriendFeed, it’s unreal. Seriously? Do people actually need someone to stroke their ego over the internet? That’s disturbing on SO many different levels. It’s called “Get a life and get one quick.” Because pandering to an internet audience is just sad. I love the concept of FriendFeed, but I definitely get grossed out by a lot of what I read on a daily basis.

This from a girl who is absolutely addicted to internet bargain shopping. LOL I try to keep my purchases on the blog only, as well. I sincerely doubt any out there gives a mad fuck about what I buy. Good post, A.

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mooNo Gravatar said in May 12th, 2009 at 4:29 pm

JE gets it. :) Kasper, no, I wouldn’t show off anything I bought because I grew up moderately poor and I know what it’s like to have people flaunting their shit in your face. I have been very careful over the years to not do the same. Not to mention that it’s just plain rude. When I do mention something new, it’s typically only on my blog (which pulls in very little traffic from FF), and usually because I’m demonstrating something that I’ve done with it or using it in a story I feel the need to tell. JE mentioned her new camera on her blog today while talking about her upcoming grad research trip to Mexico, which was perfect!

I wrote this post because I had something to say. I write this entire blog because I have something to say. I’m not necessarily looking for an audience or hoping that people will fawn over my words. I’m just talking. Even if I had zero readers, I’d blog anyway because I’m a writer at heart and that’s just what writers do. We write. We tell stories. We move words out of our head and onto a page. Has nothing to do with ego. Well. Unless you’re Stephen King. :P

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Joe KrausNo Gravatar said in May 12th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

You are following the wrong people. They happen to be shallow. Do a search in FF on topics you care about, and hang out with different/better/more interesting people.

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