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jeNo Gravatar said in March 30th, 2010 at 11:55 am

Oh, sis. *huge hug* What a heartbreaking story. I can identify with your aunt Pearl, for sure. In a successful relationship, there have to be compromises. ALWAYS. You are always making concessions to your beloved and they do the same with you. If this is not the case, the relationship falls out of balance and people go their separate ways. I am so sad for your aunt that she never made it out of Ft Bragg. Let me tell you this, though. You WILL make it out of SoCal, should you decide to move their with the boyfriend. For a long time, I thought I would be stuck in New Mexico forever, and now look- I’m leaving on Saturday! Now I am thinking, “Las Vegas? Are you fucking kidding me?” Seriously, besides SoCal or Florida, could I think of a worse place to live? Sure, everyone will want to visit, but I have to LIVE there every damn day. You know what makes it okay? Knowing that I won’t be there forever. I may be there for another 10 years, but not forever. Eventually I will find an opening in the northwest and apply for a transfer. And I have my family with me. I know part of what is freaking you out is losing your support system. That’s huge. I’m feelin’ it too, sis. But we’re going to make new support systems, ok? And if you are in SoCal, I’m gonna make so many damn weekend trips to your house, you will be begging me to leave. In the end, follow your heart. You can’t go wrong. (Sounds like a cheesy Hallmark card and sometimes I make myself want to throw up, but there you go.) I LOVE YOU. je

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