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JennyNo Gravatar said in August 22nd, 2008 at 6:13 am

Your prof sounds like the female equivalent of Greg; I would have a crush too! ;-)

Here’s a legitimate reason for me to seriously dislike Microsoft right now. After installing Vista Service Pack 1, my DVD burner is no longer recognized! I had to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get the OS to recognize it, but my burning software does not recognize the drive regardless of how many times I uninstall/reinstall Roxio. *sigh*

I have no problem with IE. I just don’t want to use it. :-)

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mooNo Gravatar said in August 22nd, 2008 at 9:04 am

Ohhhh, yeah. That’s a common issue with Vista unfortunately. Cutting short the lengthy explanation as to why it happens, basically it’s caused by an IRQ conflict. I had to troll some online forums to get the exact solution for it, but it was a pain. Reminded me of the old old days of when I first started building computers. Back then you had to hand-program in your IRQ’s, and certain pieces of hardware could only go on certain IRQ’s. FRUSTRATING. It would seem that even automating that process didn’t make it less painful. :P

Believe it or not, there is also a known issue with Roxio not recognizing drives. I’m not sure which version/bundle you’re using, but I recommend visiting Roxio’s website, troll their support forums…they have a fix there. We had the same problem here with EMC 8 last year and had to update some engine in the software. Irritating as well. *grrr*

LOL You are one of the few people who has ever given reasons for why you are dissatisfied with Microsoft products, and I’ve always respected that. I deal with so many people at work who are just like the folks in the video…they parrot what they hear and don’t even try things out themselves before forming an opinion. It’s so frustrating! Then they try to compare Mac and Windows and it’s like apples and oranges. Of course a Mac is going to run relatively flawless because they’re not having to account for thousands of different hardware configurations that people can put into their systems. It’s a lot easier to deliver a solid, reliable product when you’re able to control the exact outcome of your programming, you know?

Of course, it’s funny now with the class-action lawsuit against Mac. Though the fanbois don’t want to admit it, Mac is known for hiding issues rather than fixing them. They release a “patch” that instead of fixing the problem, simply hides the problem from the user. Wow. Way to be a classy guy, Jobs.

I think your reason for using FireFox over IE is fantastic. :) It’s probably the most logical one I’ve ever heard. (the excuse I commonly heard from people was “tabbed browsing!” which practically any browser supports these days, so…um…try again?) At one point I had every browser on the planet installed on my computer so I could build a better, more compatible website. But I realized that at the end of the day, a browser is a browser is a browser. So the last time I wiped my system, I just didn’t install all those browsers again. (I have to say…IE and FF are the only browsers I would condone using. Netscape is still shite and all the others are just embarrassing…)

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