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Anonymous said in January 17th, 2008 at 10:17 am

This Debbie Peed was to be the next misses Peed. This man told me he loved me over and over, he texted me on his currents wifes anniversary from the carabions, we walked hand and hand on the beaches of LA and picked up sanddollars in January and he took two home to his wife, But still clamed he would marry me some day . He took me all over the world. We made love for the first time 8-12-1981 the last time 9-6-2008 we made love in the parks and in the truck and car that his family drives. He did tell me nomatter what he says around his wife he will always love me and always has. those are the only words that were not lies, He told me his marrage was over, I told him I was in loveless marrage, He told me in cards and notes he loved me and woundered where I had gone. Promissed me a job and a good life and someday we would be together.I can not get this man out of my mind. He told me to take care of myself he would come fore me one day I Love you Robert E Peed and always will. Guess I must stand in line because Linda, Nydina, Suezan and the hog your currently married to control you now. You lied to them as you lied to me. But We all love you and we all will wait for the day we become the next Mrs. Peed. Not,

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