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Aguilera’s family owns the estate. This position allows him to seduce and sexually abuse practically all women serving the family. The exception is Rosario, who always rejects his harassment. Rosario and Santiago marry and Pascual’s sexual requests for Rosario do not succeed. Then, on the wedding night, Pascual mistakes his stepmother (a religious woman who never had experienced an orgasm) for Rosario. Pascual rapes his stepmother and then dies of a brain hemorrhage. If the male’s sexual appetite is not satisfied, madness and death are ineluctable.

The child with manicured nails and rouged lips that we find in many works by Galán, points to his bulky stomach, which is denied by the inscription at the left “dentro de mí tú no estás” [you are not inside me]. The addressee of this inscription remains unknown. It is an open text, that is, its meaning may disseminate toward any possible “you” that, in addition, is not there. This emptiness invites an infinite reconstruction of the sense of cross-dressing. From the violent desexualization of the castrated to the exhaustion of the interior, Julio Galán offers a negative approach to interpreting transvestism: it consists not of signifying the body, but stripping it of any subjectivity.

With the construction of national identity projected by romanticism, the Indian body was employed as the allegorical body of the nation. But it was a body corrected and idealized; Indian bodies were seminaked and anatomically shaped under the normative academic body. This idealized and Eurocentric ethnography, called Indianismo, proposes European aesthetics, proportions, and even facial features as a means of beautifying the primitive (uncultivated) Indian body. It means that the Indian, being one of the main national icons since independence, is produced according to the norms of European Sense of Sensuality 29 aesthetics, providing nationalism with a colonized interpretation of the self.

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