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Regardless of the country's small dimension, the Netherlands has performed a comparatively huge half within the background of trade, govt, artwork, and faith, and it has left an indelible imprint on all the world's continents. this article offers a basic assessment of the heritage of the rustic from precedent days onwards.

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In Holland the towns and nobility shared power in the provincial assembly. In the bishopric of Utrecht, townsmen and nobles were joined in the Estates by the higher clergy. In Gelderland, where agriculture held sway as the economic mainstay, the landed nobility held preponderant power. The chronic political instability engendered by contentious counts and dukes continued into the mid-14th century, centering on Holland’s drive to secure regional hegemony. By that time, however, conditions proved less than propitious.

Thus he sought to strengthen the power of the wealthier citizens, who were the primary force for stability. The duke’s policies gave birth to the urban patriarchate of economically and politically privileged regents who would dominate civic affairs until the end of the 18th century. At the same time, urban patriciates increasingly dominated the provincial assembly, the Estates of Holland. The Estates provided a ready instrument to enable the towns to come together to consult and coordinate actions.

The internecine wrangling finally ended at the death of William VI (r. 1404–17), only to start again 28 POLITICAL STRIFE AND THE RISE OF URBAN LIFE when a struggle for the title between the acknowledged successor, his daughter Jacqueline, countess of Hainaut (1401–36), backed by the Hooks, and his brother John III, with help from the Cods, ended with John’s death (1425). Jacqueline, with the aid of English allies, then battled opposition from the Hooks allied with her estranged husband John, the duke of Brabant, and Philip III the Good, duke of Burgundy (1396–1467), which ended with the duke of Brabant’s death (1428).

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