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These relations cannot explain anything about what they constitute. Once a threshold has been crossed and a new singularity brought into being it takes effect immediately, locally, in disjunction from and other singularities. Furthermore, the elements that constitute the by its transformed the singularity are event of coming into being so that, from the have identity function: that they the elements are not perspective of event, no separate or ' preserved but exhausted. We cannot then talk of progress, advancement, or telos, because these depend upon an orientation and outcome absent from the self-organisation of singularities.

Back This Schroeder look is the a rupture can only at dusk: it allows her to why ignore these breaks in order to produce a `coherent' story about what happenedin the day. follow In I Deleuze's concept of duration in order the the next chapter will course of to show how the real movement of duration contrasts to the dialectical, abstract movement. The final problem with Schroeder's analysis has to do with the realisation of potential. We have seen that for her potential is driven to actualise itself by some inherent lack, be fact having been However, the which can only of not actualised.

Reminiscence does not simply refer us back from a present-present to former ones ... from our lovers to our mothers" (Deleuze: 1994,85). It is not simply a matter of looking back, of retrospect, and neither is it a story the self tells itself to explain where it has come from. It is rather the sheathing of time or what time slides through: The present exists, but the past alone insists and provides the element in which the present passes and successive presents are telescoped. The echo of the two forms presents only a persistent question, which unfolds within representation like a field of problems.

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