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By Kent M. Van De Graaff, John L. Crawley, David A. Morton

This full-color atlas is designed for all scholars taking separate or built-in classes in human anatomy and body structure. This atlas can accompany and increase any human anatomy, human body structure or mixed human anatomy and body structure textbook. it really is designed to be of specific worth to scholars in a laboratory scenario and will both accompany a laboratory guide or, in convinced classes, it may function the laboratory handbook.

Great care has long gone into the guidance of this photographic atlas to supply scholars with an entire set of photos for every of the human physique platforms. Cat, fetal pig, and rat dissection also are integrated for these scholars who've the chance to do comparable dissections as a part of their laboratory requirement. furthermore, photos of a sheep middle dissection also are integrated.

A visible stability is completed among many of the degrees on hand to monitor the constitution of the physique. thoroughly categorised, informative figures are depicted essentially and thoroughly. The phrases utilized in this atlas are those who are licensed and urged via the Basle Nomina Anatomica (BNA).

Some of the alterations for this new version contain a brand new paintings software, new vertebrate dissection photographs (new specimens have been dissected to acquire higher caliber photos of the muscular and organ systems), and a brand new complete web page middle valve/cardiac cycle determine. 3-hole drilled.

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Capitate bone 20. Lunate bone 21. Styloid process of radius 22. 14 A photograph (a) and a radiograph (b) showing polydactyly, having extra digits. Polydactyly is a common congenital deformity of the hand, although it also occurs in the foot. Notice that the carpal bones are still cartilaginous in a newborn and do not show up on a radiograph. 16 A posterior view of the articulated pelvic girdle showing the two coxal bones, the sacrum, and the two femora. 1. Lumbar vertebra 9. Intertrochanteric crest 2.

The hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue) connects the skin to the underlying organs. The stratified squamous epithelium of the epidermis is divisible into five strata, or layers. From superficial to deep, they are the stratum corneum, the stratum lucidum (only in skin of the palms and soles), the stratum granulosum, the stratum spinosum, and the stratum basale (stratum germinativum). The strata basale undergos mitosis (cell division). Pigments, such as melanin, are found in the stratum basale and the protein keratin is found in all but the deepest epidermal layers.

Skeletal muscle cells, note striations 2. 33 Cross section of skeletal muscle tissue. 1. Skeletal muscle cells 2. Nuclei in periphery of cell 3. Endomysium (surrounds cells) 4. 34 Attachment of skeletal muscle to tendon. 1. Skeletal muscle 2. 35 Cardiac muscle tissue. 1. Intercalated discs 2. Light-staining perinuclear sarcoplasm 3. 36 Smooth muscle tissue. 1. Smooth muscle 2. 37 Partially teased smooth muscle tissue. 1. 38 Conduction myofibers (Purkinje fibers). 1. 39 Nervous tissue. 1. Nuclei of surrounding neuroglial cells 2.

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