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A book which is known to have been included in Adam Wealth of Nations, Vol. II. pp. 250 ff. z See on this W. R. Scott, Francis Hutcheson, 1900, pp. 23o-43. a Lectures on justice, Police, Revenue and Arms, delivered in the University of Glasgow by Adam Smith, reported by a Student in 1763, edited with an introduction and notes by Edwin Cannan, 1896. ] 23 Smith's library, 1 Bielfeld's Institutions politiques, 1760, tells us that when the Chief of the Paris Police was being admitted to office in 1667, he was told that the King required of him security, cleanliness and cheapness (st{rete, nettete, bon-marche), which three things, Bielfeld says, "comprise the whole of police" (vol.

3 1... o.. e. · . .. ::::o.. S .. IO :: :: 0.. 11 .. : :: :: :: ~: :: :: ·· . 5 .. 10, ······-.. .. . 18 .. i}:oduce ne t .. :tlf .. fOduce ne t .. .. :·:::----. 0... 5 .. 10 :tiiP .. ~::::::::::::~.. o... 2 .. If. •.. .. .. ·:· o... 2 .. 11 ·na t .. .. -···--" o... 2 .. -;;..... o... r... s ·--- ...... r... s. ;;~-~~t ......... o... o... r... 5 &c. ·r ORIGINS OF ECONOMIC THEORY 32 [CH. I The idea of the zigzag seems to be that any given sum, say 6oo livres or 6oo,ooo,ooo livres, expended on agriculture, under the circumstances which ought to exist in a well-regulated state, will cause a net produce of equal amount to appear, which goes to the landlords as net product or revenue.

In the next year he showed his skill by resuscitating a woman who had been hanged at Oxford for murdering her child. 1 Early in the following year he was made Professor of Anatomy, and at once obtained leave of absence for two years, before the end of which he was appointed Physician-General to the Army in Ireland, but soon took in hand the Down Survey for the forfeited lands. , With several intersperst Discourses and Digressions concerning Warres, The Church, Universities, Rents and Purchases, Usury and Exchange, Banks and Lombards, Registries for Conveyances, Beggars, Ensurance, Exportation of Money, Wool, Free-Ports, Coins, Housing, Liberty of Conscience, &c.

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