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Words relating to 'pleasure', 'satisfaction', etc. and their opposites are often used to describe the consequences of behaviour. The pleasure from an action corresponds closely to the internal motivational conditions preceding it and external stimuli signal when pleasure and reward are available. 32 Classical hedonism Introspective experiments on 'feeling' Streams Distributaries Behaviour theory Scaling theory Reinforcement theory Feedback theory Incentive value theory Experimental aesthetics Decision theory Social evaluation Figure 9.

For example, as a 7-point scale (Figure 13), although a 9-point scale is often used. How much did you enjoy the Chicken Dijonnaise ? Please mark on the scale below. Dislike extiemely Dislike moderately Dislike slightly Neither like nor dislike Like slightly Like moderately Like extremely Figure 13. An example of an hedonic scale. If the scale length is set at a standard 100 or 150 mm, then responses can be measured from the left-hand side or a frequency distribution can be collated using each category.

The concept of perfection with regard to food could comprise several levels contributing towards the overall level of pleasure using words such as 'acceptability' 'preference' and 'liking' - the hedonic response. These terms could be considered as independent variables; a food could be acceptable but not necessarily liked or preferred; a food may be preferred over another but both may be disliked or unacceptable. Pierson (1997) made the following distinction:'Acceptability may be regarded as a pre-defined level of quality ......

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