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By Herbert Lange, Wolfgang Barth, Klaus Hulek

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Proof. It remains to be investigated how the moduli space A\t2 looks like in a small neighbourhood U of the fixed point V. Determine a neighbourhood U C H2 with the properties: a) U is invariant under the action of Iso V. b) 7 · i/n [/ 0 =>• 7 6lsoP. This construction allows to describe the moduli space locally at V as the quotient U :— U/ Iso V. 9 be expressed in local coordinates as: I3 : (Χ,Υ,Ζ) ~ (X + 2Y + Z,-Y-Z,Z) Ib : (Χ,Υ,Ζ) ^ (X,-2X-Y,4X Q2: (Χ,Υ,Ζ) » ( - χ , - γ , - ζ ) . , instead of considering the local action of I3,15 and Q2 on the 3-dimensional complex space U we are more interested in Trafo - 1 13 Trafo .

Wiss. 302, Springer-Verlag 1992 Branch points in moduli spaces of certain abelian surfaces Η ans-Jürgen Brasch Introduction Almost all the theory of complex abelian varieties deals with principal polarizations. Abelian varieties with a non-principal polarization have been studied much less. However, from a geometric viewpoint one prefers to work with non-principal polarizations when considering projective embeddings. The aim of this article is to classify the singular points or, more general, branch points in the moduli space Ai )U of (l,u)-polarized abelian surfaces with level structure of canonical type.

We say an element of Sp(4, Z) normalizes an involution if the homomorphism induced by conjugacy maps this involution to its negative. 2. The conjugate matrix ±MI0M~l ments Μ e Sp(4, Z ) . is contained in IY2 for all ele- Proof. The (2,4)-entry of ±MIQM~1 calculates to zero. Now the claim follows by the property IQ ξ 114 mod 2, which is invariant under conjugacy. • The impact of this special quality of IQ on the situation is given as follows. 5 one has to search additionally for elements of finite order in the Ueno-class 11(2).

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