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Any claim that perception is direct visual information is picked up. However, I suspect that any account of perceptual processes which can readily be expressed in terms of therefore either implies that what physicists tel us about the world is perception does not undermine his discussion of processes by which false, or it uses a very peculiar sense of the word "direct," perhaps (as physiological processes, without the need for higher level "virtue! " Stronger anti-Gibson arguments are worthy of analysis.

Tam thinking of the emphasis modern natural sciences. 404 THE BEHAVIORAL AND 8AAIN SCIENCES (1980), 3 CommentaryjUJiman: Against direct perception Not• 1. This means carryfng out an analysis of 1/le vector �eld as represented by lhe moving pattern. by Walter B. tunm•nt of P�ychot<>gy, Tl>• P•nn•ytv•nl• St•t• Un/llor31ty, Unlvor4/ly P•rl<. P•nn•. 16802 Logical atomism and computation do not refute Gibson Ul-nan's criticism of some facets of Gibson's views represenls a serious attempt to come to grips with direct reansm and the ecological approach to perception.

The Gibsonian account can be productively adequate only if en infinitude of richness and complexity (meaning and abstraction) is built into the system in advance - by packing whatever "affordances" ere necessary into the system. But how did the organism come to know these meanings in its evolutionary development)? The direct approach cannot answer - it Is adequate to understanding radio receivers, which merely "resonate" to information in the electromagnetic array, but not to listeners Who use radios.

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