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By Stephen Batchelor

By myself with Others is a uniquely modern advisor to figuring out the undying message of Buddhism, and specifically its relevance in genuine human relatives. It used to be encouraged through Shantideva’s advisor to the Bodhisattava’s lifestyle, the oral directions of residing Buddhist masters, Martin Heidegger’s vintage Being and Time, and the writings of the Christian theologians Paul Tillich and John MacQuarrie.

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Isn’t there something weird about comparing a vast set of traditions of many hundreds of years (Zen) with one man (Wittgenstein)? Yes, of course there is. But, one day, it might seem much less odd. That is the day of which I am thinking: a time, whose beginnings are perhaps here, in which Wittgenstein will be seen not as one man in the history of analytic philosophy, but as a major cultural figure who has helped to spawn a large set of long traditions, including some in close affi nity with those spawned by another man, Śā kyamuni Buddha.

And here is his great follower Katagiri Roshi: Zazen is not about destroying our thoughts or doing away with our subjective points of view. . / If you believe zazen is a means to an end, then it is easy for you to use zazen like a raft to reach the other shore. / . . Sometimes people think they should carry their zazen around with them after reaching the other shore. But if you do that, you should know you haven’t actually reached the other shore. You have just come up on a sandbar somewhere in the middle of the river.

It very much figures, for instance, in Tibetan Mahā mudrā traditions and (especially) in the so-called Great Perfection teachings (Dzogchen). Let the cards fall as they may: what I say here applies only to some things called “meditation”; so then let it just apply to those things, to whatever it applies to. ”) 2. Different traditions of Zen Buddhism were, of course, founded on this difference. 3. ” “Clearly buddhadharma is not practiced for one’s own sake, and even less for the sake of fame and profit.

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