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By H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer

The research of abelian manifolds varieties a common generalization of the speculation of elliptic capabilities, that's, of doubly periodic features of 1 advanced variable. whilst an abelian manifold is embedded in a projective area it truly is termed an abelian type in an algebraic geometrical experience. This creation presupposes little greater than a simple direction in advanced variables. The notes comprise the entire fabric on abelian manifolds wanted for software to geometry and quantity concept, even though they don't comprise an exposition of both software. a few geometrical effects are incorporated even if.

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Because di 0 d j = dj - 1 0 d i for i do(NS)n c (NS)n-l and d5 = 0, hence do defines a map 0: (NS)n < j, (NS)n-l -4 az with = 0, and we define NS to be the chain complex (NS)n with boundary map o. If f : S -4 T is a simplicial map, we obtain by restriction a chain map N f : NS -4 NT. Conversely, one can also define a functor K : CA -4 SA. For any object C in CA, we put (4) qS;n '1 where TJ runs over all surjective monotonic maps TJ : [n] more, for each monotonic map Q : [m] - t [n], we define (KC)a : (KC)n -4 [q].

Before proving Theorem 1, we recall the Hodge decomposition theorem for AM(X) and DP,q(X). ,. ) on forms. d := 2(8*8 + 88*) = 2(8*8 + 88*) = dOd + dd*. d denotes the harmonic forms, the Hodge decomposition for AM(X) are orthogonal decompositions AM (X) = 1tM EB im8 EB im8* = 1tM EB im8 EB im8* = 1tM EB imd EB imd* . By duality, completely analogous results hold for DM(X). 1 Currents 41 Lemma 1 If T E DP,P(X) with T = dS for some current S, then T = ddcU with U E DP-I,p-I(X). Proof. We have T = as + 8S; S = hI 8S by Hodge decomposition we have + 8x} + a*YI = h2 + 8X2 + 8* Y2, = 88x2 + aF Y2, 8S = 8aXI +8trYI, hence T = 88xl + 88x2 + 88* Y2 + 88*YI' Now 8T = Err = 0, implies a88*Yl = 0, 888* Y2 8* anticommutes with 8 (see [OH]) , = 0.

J..... r p~ Y w 1,. YxX ~ ~ X with E the exceptional divisor. The cohomology class cl(f) ofr is an element of H~,d(y xX, R), hence 1r*cl(f) E H~d(W, R) ~ Hd-l,d-l (E, R). 2 Green forms of logarithmic type Lemma 3 There exists a closed form a E Ad-1,d-l(W) such that 1r*(8E 1\ [a]) = Or. Proof of Lemma 3. defined by Here the currents 8E 1\ [aJ and 1r*(8E 1\ [a]) are 8E 1\ [aJ(w) = i}*a 1\ w and 1r*(8 E 1\ [a])(w) = ij*a 1\ 1r*w for all w of appropriate degree. By its very definition the exceptional divisor is the projective bundle E = P(Nyxx / r ) ~ P(i*TYxx/Tr) ~ P(i* (P*Ty EI1 q*Tx) /Tr) ~ P(i*q*Tx), since i*p*Ty = PrTy = Trj here N Yxx / r denotes the normal bundle and Tx, Ty ...

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