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T h e latter is highly significant (r = . 5 ) ; the former requires more discussion below. ( 4 ) T h e V term in Eq. S. in the M A T ) . The connection of C ( —) with variability of attitudes and interests is witnessed by the research 3 e G 3 c t 4 4 € H "Tend to" is used or implied in all of these as an alternative expression consistent with "other things being held equal," since we are in each proposition referring to only one term in isolation, among several which determine anxiety. 3 2. ANXIETY & MOTIVATION: THEORY & EXPERIMENTS 53 of Das ( 1 9 5 5 ) , and that of Q by ratings.

Borderline significance. a 6 in this region of state recognition and measurement would be immensely profitable to anxiety research at this juncture. , without that swamping by error which makes a farce of any nicety of inference. I. 24, as markedly as they do on other personality factors. Some comparisons both on questionnaire and objective-test measures are shown in Fig. 2. F. profiles of groups of neurotics, so diagnosed in mutually remote parts of the world, show high consistency in having a characteristic profile (Cattell & Scheier, 1 9 6 1 ) .

In these, as in anxiety, it is reasonable to theorize that we have a derivative of the primary emotion, attenuated by the substitution of symbolic signals for the full concrete reality of the stimulus, and by the remoteness of the stimulus. If, further, we may suppose that in a highly developed organism fear may arise not only to the primary stimuli of danger but to the concept of deprivation of any ergic satisfaction, then we have seriously to consider a second postulate, namely, that anxiety is an expression of the erg of escape in response to threatened future ergic deprivation of any kind.

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