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A significant Q value means that effect sizes are not homogeneous, suggesting the presence of one or more moderator variables in the study, focusing on the same selected subset of samples used in the prior analyses. The results presented in Tables 9 and 10 were remarkably consistent across type of correlation. The average correlations were positive and significantly different from zero for both sexes, and the gender difference was present for all three types of correlation. In men, within-subjects correlations were significantly larger than between-subjects or mixed correlations.

In these studies, men continued to show greater concordance for perception of genital sensations, and no significant difference between the two forms of subjective appraisal was found for women. Greater attention to physical cues increased concordance between subjective and genital sexual arousal only among men. Together, these results suggest that the gender difference in concordance cannot be entirely explained by a gender difference in the visibility and awareness of external genitalia. Timing of Assessing Self-Reported Arousal Contiguous assessment of sexual arousal produced no significant gender difference in concordance.

9) Likert Effects of attention and 18 explicit heterosexual habituation. Correlations film clips (no audio) calculated over 18 habituation trials. 91 – – Likert Classical conditioning of female arousal. Correlations reported across 5 sessions. 25 – – – 25 students (mean age = 21) VPA 50 explicit heterosexual film clips (femalecentered). Arch Sex Behav (2010) 39:5–56 Koukounas and McCabe (2001) Letourneau and O’Donohue (1997) 5 explicit heterosexual films (no audio). 00 (nonsig) Study Sample description Female Pras et al.

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