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By Simon Glendinning

This quantity contains the entire lawsuits of the 1999 Ratio convention at which Derrida made major contributions on a number of issues, together with the relation of his paintings to analytical philosophy, the common sense of argument, fact ineffability, that means, animal lifestyles, and the entice the normal within the paintings of Wittgenstein and J.L. Austin.

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A129 in the former and Bl41-42 in the latter. Cf. also Plato, Sophist, 261c6-262e2; and Plutarch, Platonic Questions, X, 101 1 c. t> 7 ARGUING WITH DERRIDA A. W. tl of cou rse. But I shal l There is a lot more to be said about this e con cern t� an the mor not say any more about it now . Of muc h rge th at Frege s ques­ cha the ge, char first . charge of triviality is the tual phIl osophy gen er­ tion indicates new confusi on that con cep the con cep t of a hor�e ates . For all Frege's her oics , denying that by his own sem antI c en is a con cep t, he seems to have bee n driv ht not to �e cou che d.

3 1 9. 2-6. 2 1 1 . A. W. M OORE 68 name ly that in which truths are affirm ed, it cuts itself off from the very uses of language that are appropriate to so much that is of philos ophical importance. (Who knows but that Frege would have done better if he had writte n ' the conce pt horse ' under erasure? ) 26 7. But despite the power of this onslaught, I am convinced �hat conceptual philosophy can withstand it. I a� ree th� t some thIngs are ineffable. I agree that philosophy, and In partIcular concep­ tual philosophy, has to reckon with these things.

But if. the links were not there to be made, or more pertinen tly, if It tra�spired that, at the end of the day, even using these conceptual technIques and resources, there were still things we couldn't come to terms wit? , coul�n't cope � th, and that �h <:>s: things were part of . nceptual p� Iloso phy, to achieve something that conce p tual phIlosophy can t achIeve. f my claim, that, as it were, concep­ tual phIlosophy can do everythIng that needs to be done in this area and more besides. What I was trying to argue in the paper was that at a�y rate th :re wasn't internal pressure on conceptual philosophy comIng from Its own scrape with ineffability.

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