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According to Larry Teal, the simplest approach to studying to play the saxophone is to check with a reliable instructor. Teal's reports have been normally of tools except the saxophone, yet as a scholar at a Chautauqua summer time consultation, he got here below the effect of Georges Barr?re, the eminent French flutist. He performed bass clarinet with the Detroit Symphony, yet he endured to be absorbed via the saxophone. due to his received services and becoming recognition, he used to be appointed to a full-time college place as a saxophone instructor by way of the college of Michigan -- the 1st ever to obtain such an appointment from a tremendous collage. in the course of his 21-year tenure, he attracted scholars from in every single place, therefore exerting an ever widening impression on saxophone instructing and performing.


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Some saxophonists use the thumb and forefinger to stroke the vamp of the reed toward the tip. Never handle the reed by the tip. This is the most common cause of reed injury, and often occurs during the placement of the reed on the mouthpiece. The ligature should be loosely put on the mouthpiece first, then the reed slipped under the ligature and adjusted on the mouthpiece. Hold the mouthpiece and ligature in the left hand. Slide the reed in position with the right thumb. The reed should be well centered on the mouthpiece table and facing with the tip adjusted so that, when in closed position, it reaches the point where the mouthpiece breaks to the facing.

The saxophone must be considered as a part of the performer, and an intimate and comfortable physical association creates a more unified feeling for the musical performance. When the body assumes a tense attitude during a lengthy rehearsal or practice period, the resultant discomfort retards both the mental and physical aspects of musical progress. A relaxed and efficient playing position leaves the performer free to concentrate on the artistic and technical problems involved. Weight and balance dictate the manner of holding the instrument, which is determined by: (1) the size of the instrument; and (2) the size of the player.

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