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By William A. Cohen Ph.D.

"The artwork of the Strategist" exhibits in actual fact how greater process trumps different components in nearly each aggressive area. well known method specialist William A. Cohen, whose substantial event within the army, company, and educational sectors types the foundation for "The artwork of the Strategist", provides the undying classes of: dedication to pursuits; Seizing and retaining initiative; Economization and massing of assets; shock; The oblique procedure; Simplicity; a number of possible choices; protection; and Exploitation of luck.

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Is it any wonder that the rewards in industry, in any organization, go to those who show initiative? Those who sit around waiting for something to happen, or for someone else to tell them what to do, are rarely successful. The same is true for the strategist who looks to the competition to dictate his own actions. General George S. Patton said, ‘‘I don’t care what the enemy intends to do. ’’ Patton knew that taking the initiative is always critical for any strategy. Failing to seize the initiative is a crucial mistake, especially in competitive situations.

Even the great companies are headed for defeat if they abandon the principles of strategy that made them great. However, this does not mean that they should continue to employ the same strategies that helped them to prevail in the past. Peter Drucker has repeatedly warned that any company that continues to do what made it successful in the past will eventually fail. This is because the environment, which includes technologies, competition, laws, politics, buyer behavior, and the economy, is in a constant state of flux.

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