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Relative 7. Accumulator and six modes that are a combination of indexed addressing and one of the basic modes: 8. Absolute X-indexed 9. Absolute V-indexed 10. Zero Page X-indexed 11. Zero Page V-indexed 12. Indirect indexed 13. Indexed indirect Overview of 6502 Instructions 57 Immediate Addressing Mode: The immediate addressing mode takes its operand from the memory location immediately following the op-code . Therefore , it is a two-byte in struction; one byte of op-code followed by a one byte operand.

Equal to zero), then the external interrupt will be serviced. If the I bit is set (ie. equal to 1), the processor will ignore the interrupt request. The instructions to set and clear this bit arc: SEI eLi Set Interrupt Disable Bit Clear Interrupt Disable Bit Interrupt requests cause the processor to go to a subroutine that services the interrupting device . Such a subroutine must end with: RTI Retu rn from I nterru pt 7. Stack Operations: The stack is used as a temporary storage place for register contents, parameters, and return addresses needed to get back from a subroutine .

Both modes function in the same manner. Remember that in absolute addressing the two bytes following the op-code specify the address of the data to be manipulated . In absolute indexed addressing, the contents of either the X or Y register are added to an abso lute address to determine the actual memory location used. One of the primary uses for this addressing mode is to access the elements of a table or array. Zero Page Indexed Addressing: This form of indexed addressing is very similar to abso lute indexed addressing.

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