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Atari Basic-Faster and Better

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Carl M. Evans

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Be sure to DIMension the large string to the extended size that you want to use. This is really an advanced technique that is going beyond the scope of the current discussion, so I will leave exploring that topic up to you. I will give you a hint on where to start looking - DATAPAK uses this technique. You will find that the string packing techniques we have discussed in this section provide one of the fastest, most flexible, and most memory efficient methods for handling USR routines. It really would not be useful to show you every routine in this book in the string packed format, so I won't.

36 Chapter 3 3. Line 1290 satisfies the assembler requirement that there be an END statement. Now that we have typed the routine in, we can assemble it to disk or tape as a machine language object file. We can also save the source code that we just typed in to another file on disk or cassette. I always save my source code in case I want to modify the routine later. That way I won't have to type all of the code in again. END #0 (POINT),Y POINT LOOP POINT+1 POINT+1 #$A0 LOOP ;GRAB NUMBER OF ARGUMENTS ;IS THERE ONLY ONE ARGUMENT?

Etc . This is a tedious and time consuming method, but it does work. I am essentially lazy so I modified the program CONVERT to do all of this work for me. I call the new program DATAPAK. BAS - A STRING PACKER GOTO 260 REM ** KEYBOARD ENTRY ROUTINE ** OPEN #3,4,0,"K:" GET #3,RES : IF RES<68 OR RES>155 THEN 140 CLOSE #3: RETURN REM ** TIME DELAYS ** FOR Z=1 TO 500: NEXT Z: Z=0: RETURN FOR Z=1 TO 25 : NEXT Z: Z=0: RETURN REM ** INITIALIZE DATA ARRAY ** PAC$(l)="" : PAC$(NP)="" : PAC$(2)=PAC$ : RETURN ATARI BASIC Faster & Better 210 REM ** AUTO RETURN ROUTINE ** 220 POSITION 2,0 230 POKE 842,13 : STOP 240 POKE 842,12 : RETURN 250 REM ** MAIN PROGRAM ** 260 DELAY20=180: DELAY=170: KEY=130: ARM=202 : TITLE=210 : Z=0 :ZZ=0 270 PRINT CHR$(125): GRAPHICS 2+16 : SETCOLOR 4,8,0 280 POSITION 16,2 : PRINT #6, "datapak" 290 POSITION 14,8: PRINT #6," (C) 1982" 300 POSITION 12,10 : PRINT #6," vervan software " .

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