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This entire textual content is predicated at the authors' direction notes, subtle and up-to-date over 15 years of educating. The center of the textual content specializes in water and its variations. 4 chapters lay the root, from power conservation to the perfect gasoline legislations, particular warmth capacities, adiabatic tactics, and entropy. an in depth bankruptcy treats section transitions of water, and a long dialogue of the van der Waals equation units the degree for section diagrams. unfastened strength is utilized to settling on the impact of dissolved ingredients, overall strain, and measurement on vapor strain. The bankruptcy on wet air and clouds discusses wet-bulb and digital temperatures, isentropic ascent of saturated air, thermodynamic diagrams, balance, and cloud formation. the ultimate bankruptcy covers power, momentum, and mass move, themes now not frequently thought of a part of thermodynamics. Measurements are integrated and experiments and observations are advised, all with the purpose of respiring existence into equations. The authors are cautious to acknowledge and unafraid to criticize the remedies of thermodynamics which were unchanged for greater than 100 years.

Atmospheric Thermodynamics comprises over two hundred workouts, more often than not purposes of simple ideas to concrete difficulties. frequently encouraged by way of inquisitive scholars and co-workers, the routines hide every thing from autos and airplanes to baseball, wind generators, and flooring hogs. The authors weave heritage into the textual content by way of drawing on unique writings instead of utilizing textbook anecdotes, and molecular interpretations are given at any place attainable. Assumptions and approximations are conscientiously laid out, derivations are designated, and equations are interpreted bodily and utilized. No prior wisdom of thermodynamics or kinetic idea is thought, even though scholars are anticipated to be well-grounded in calculus, differential equations, vector research, and classical mechanics.

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