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By Walter W. Staats PhD

College of Hawaii. Presentation of the author's behaviorally-based theoretical version, for researchers and clinicians. Elaborates on a unified version incorporating baby improvement, character, and irregular habit.

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As examples, in developmental psychology most psychologists are interested in personality development, in abnormal psychology in abnormal personality, in experimental psychology in various cognitive processes, in social psychology in attributions, attitudes, and selfesteem, and in clinical psychology in the treatment of personality disorders. This notwithstanding, study and measurement of personality at the present time are conducted largely in isolation from the other fields of psychology. Psychoanalytic theory's approach to personality, for example, connects very little to such broad fields as experimental, child, educational, and social psychology.

In interaction with the environment they determine the individual's experience, learning, and behavior. This theory makes many conceptual unifications possible in psychology and opens many new avenues of research. 7. Personality measurement a. Theory relating behavior principles, the concept of personality, and personality measurement and behavioral assessment b. ) c. Applications to test construction and assessment: Paradigmatic behavioral assessment Unifying theory for psychological behavioral psychometrics: The personality theory provides a conceptual framework within which the personality concepts, methods, and instruments of the traditional field of psychometrics can be analyzed in a manner compatible with behaviorism.

The framework theory may begin with one person, but the large and complex task demands the contributions of many—theoreticians, methodologists, basic and applied researchers, and philosophers. The task is large; for the framework is heuristic. THE CENTRAL IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING Progress in constructing this approach has revealed that it has characteristics that are different from those of orthodox radical behaviorism, traditional 32 Behavior and Personality psychology, cognitivism, or cognitive social learning approaches.

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