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Birds hid in the bushes. Mothers called their children inside. Ben grabbed his kite and called to William, his twenty-one-year-old son. The two raced through the rain. People dashing home must have wondered what Ben Franklin was up to. Ben and William arrived at a big field. Ben was glad that no one was around. He did not want an audience. If lightning was not electricity, people would laugh at him and his experiment. Ben handed the kite to William. William ran through the field. Gusts of wind swept the kite up higher and higher, tossing and bobbing.

They waited in the shed, staring at the sky. 36 Ben was about to reel in his kite. Then he noticed that loose threads in the twine were standing on end. It reminded Ben of his electrified hair. Ben moved his knuckle toward the key. ZZZZAP! Charges f lew to his finger. Ben received only a small shock from the key. But a big shock of excitement surged through him. He was right! 39 Taming the Lightning CRACK!! KABLAM! A bolt of lightning blasted the Franklin home. Neighbors hurried over. The Franklins were safe inside.

CD-Rom Fritz, Jean. What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? New York: Scholastic, 1999. org/franklin/ This site includes a timeline of Franklin’s life, his entire autobiography, a virtual tour of some important locations in Franklin’s life, and games and experiments to do at home. htm Links and information about lightning and how to be safe around lightning are found on this site. edu/franklin/ Text and activities provide insight into Ben Franklin’s role as a scientist, inventor, statesman, and philosopher.

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