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BERDYAEV AS A thinker How shall a non-Russian, especially a North American, assimilate the intense assemblage of principles that is Berdyaev's philosophy? Dr. Richardson doesn't exaggerate the problems. And he introduces us with nice care (and what a powerful job it should have been) accurately to what's so much unusual during this author, his fusion of historic .. eschatological-metaphysical-mystical-Christian conceptions. by way of a few criteria Berdyaev is a theologian instead of a thinker; for he is taking the reality of the Christian revelation without any consideration and his paintings can with no trouble be considered as an problematic apologetic for one faith opposed to all others and opposed to irreligion. but I incline to sympathize with him in his declare to be a thinker. What an eccentric one, besides the fact that! There are certainly a few partial analogies within the basic ecu culture. definitely this Russian is a disciple of Kant, and powerful lines of Kantianism live to tell the tale in him. He additionally moved clear of Kant a bit as did Fichte, Hegel, and, primarily, Schelling in his final interval. His sympathetic reaction to Heracleitos and Boehme recollects Hegel. The curiosity in Boehme and Schelling is located additionally in Tillich. just like the past due German-American, Berdyaev rejects conceptual in want of symbolic speech approximately God. Like Bergson, he stresses instinct and makes a thorough contrast among medical logical analytic idea and the mode of apprehension through which, he believes, metaphysical fact is to be appropriated. right here one thinks additionally of Heidegger.

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The most important culture in view of the unity and finite temporality of history is the total culture of all history: The fall of Rome ... teaches us not only that culture has its stages of birth, flower and decay, but that it is also based upon an eternal principle ... (it is) a sort of historical catastrophe; an upheaval on the surface of the earth during which some new elements is added to the foundations of history, and the basic principle of ancient culture is left intact. , 24. , 213. , 221.

Berdyaev's philosophy of history attempts to fuse history with metaphysics. (2) Metaphysics But this implies that metaphysics can be considered apart from the history to which it gives meaning. Does Berdyaev ever discuss metaphysics as distinct from the historical? "l He displays a tremendous erudition in the history of philosophy and refers to dozens of metaphysical positions in all periods of Western philosophy. He gives special attention to 19th-century German metaphysical positions. 2 A large section of the book is devoted to the problems of being.

Cf. The Realm of Spirit and the Realm of Caesar, 181. He does not define the exact conditions of Grace. S See Chapter II. 4 The Meaning of History, 42-43. 1 2 32 PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY metaphysical. Philosophy of history finds its truth in the symbolic metaphysics which asserts the inner intimacy and union of man's celestial and terrestrial destinies. l Metaphysics, Berdyaev asserts in a later book, The Divine and the Human, is understandable upon condition of its reference to history. In this book he uses a new term which etymologically comprehends both metaphysics and history; namely, meta-history.

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