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By George Garrity (Editor)

Contains introductory chapters on type of prokaryotes, the idea that of bacterial species, numerical and polyphasic taxonomy, bacterial nomenclature and the etymology of prokaryotic names, nucleic acid probes and their software in environmental microbiology, tradition collections, and the highbrow estate of prokaryotes. the 1st street Map to the prokaryotes is integrated in addition to an outline of the phylogenetic spine and taxonomic framework for prokaryotic systematics.

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The domains have been further subdivided into phyla that represent the major procaryotic lineages and will serve as the main organizational unit in this edition of the Manual. At present, the Archaea have been subdivided into two phyla and the Bacteria into 23 phyla. With the exception of the Cyanobacteria and the “Actinobacteria” , phyla are further subdivided into classes, orders, and families. In the case of the former, families are replaced by subsections, which may be further divided into subgroups.

5 for the current membership of the Board of Trustees and Editors of sub-volumes of this Second Edition. One important change in the Trust operations has been the establishment of a permanent headquarters. In the late 1980s the Trust decided to move from Iowa State University where it had resided since 1958, and set out to find a permanent home for the Editorial Office that was not tied to the tenure of the Editor. After an active search such a home was eventually found at Michigan State University which has a large, active Department of Microbiology and is the base for the NSF-funded Center for Microbial Ecology.

The deep-rooted Bacteria encompass nine phyla: the “Aquificae” , “Thermotogae” , “Thermodesulfobacteria” , the “Deinococcus–Thermus” phylum, the single-species phylum “Chrysiogenetes” (not shown), “Chloroflexi” , “Thermomicrobia” , “Nitrospirae” , and “Deferribacteres” . Within the Gram-negatives, the “Proteobacteria” have been elevated to a phylum and subdivided into five classes corresponding to the “Alphaproteobacteria” (Rhodospirilla, Rhizobia, Rickettsias), the “Betaproteobacteria” (Neisserias), the “Gammaproteobacteria” (Pseudomonads), the “Deltaproteobacteria” (Desulfos and Myxos), and the “Epsilonproteobacteria” (Campylobacters); other Gram-negative phyla include the “Planctomycetes” (Planctomyces), the “Chlamydiae” (Chlamydias), the “Chlorobi” (Chlorobia), the “Spirochaetes” (Spirochetes and Leptospiras), the “Fusobacteria” (Fusiforms), the “Verrucomicrobia” (not shown), the “Bacteroidetes” (Bacteroides, Flavobacteria, Sphingobacteria), the “Acidobacteria” (not shown), “Fibrobacteres” (Fibrobacters), the Cyanobacteria (Cyanobacteria), and “Dictyoglomi” (not shown).

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