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After we additional give some thought to a few of the principles which are in us, you could understand that there's now not a lot distinction between them, after we think of them easily as definite modes of considering, yet that they're generally diversified, thought of in connection with the items they characterize; and that their factors has to be loads the extra excellent in accordance with the measure of aim perfection contained in them.

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Pure science states nothing about empirical nature; it only gives directions for portraying nature. All the arguments which Driesch has arrayed so ingeniously for the existence of a pure science show indeed that there are principles independent of our experience but fail to explain why this is the case. The reasons are completely revealed by the conception presented above. Thus we see that the latest philosophy of nature revives in a striking way the basic idea of critical ideal- 24 BETWEEN PHYSICS AND PHILOSOPHY ism that experience only serves to fill in a framework which man brings along with him as a part of his nature.

No. 287. 54 BETWEEN PHYSICS AND PHILOSOPHY an enduring truth: "The assertion that the truth is here, and that an end has been made of ignorance and error, is one of the greatest seductions that there are. Assuming that one believes it, then the will to test, investigate, predict, experiment, is crippled: the latter can itself become wanton, can doubt the truth. " 27 Of these forces, however, at the turn of the century Mach was one of the mightiest. 27 Op. , No. 252. III PHYSICAL T H E O R I E S OF T H E T W E N T I E T H C E N T U R Y A N D SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY is the significance of present-day physical theories for the general theory of knowledge?

Here the basic concepts of Aristotelian physics were taken up and examined. In the teachings of Aristotle and his school, concepts φ BETWEEN PHYSICS AND PHILOSOPHY like light and heavy, above and below, natural and forced motion, which were usable only for a very limited domain of experiences, were made the basis of all theoretical physics. Galileo showed that it was just this use of concepts outside of their natural realm of validity that prevented the followers of Aristotle from understanding modern physics.

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