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By Dolores J. Wilson

Bertie Byrd is exclusive. to claim the least.

She calls candy Meadow, Georgia, domestic, the place she works for her father doing vehicle upkeep. She additionally drives the tow-truck, even supposing candy Meadow's relatively colourful denizens are likely to deal with Bertie extra just like the neighborhood, unfastened taxi carrier. you recognize, somebody has to get to a doctor's appointment or choose anything up on the dry cleaners.

Bertie's favourite day of the week is Friday, while she leaves the wrecker along with her father for the entire weekend and joins her buddies on the Dew Drop hotel for an evening of dancing. Her ally, Mary Lou, occasionally fixes her up with doubtful dates, even though Bertie has to remind her pal to not tease her hair too excessive for these events. just like the time after they went to Carrie Sue's open condominium, and a ceramic cow with angel wings putting from a ceiling fan locked its hooves into Bertie's giant hair and refused to allow pass. She needed to put on all of it evening, dangling chain and all.

Bertie's approximately excellent existence is set to take a downhill flip, notwithstanding. It begins whilst her landlord, Pete, presently a resident in a close-by nursing domestic, starts off exhibiting up at her apartment. In his birthday swimsuit. a truly badly wrinkled birthday go well with. after which she is going to her mailbox, a rubber huge mouth bass, and unearths a discover from the zoning fee asserting she will be able to no longer park the wrecker in her driveway. the attention is signed via George Bigham. but if she is going to the courthouse to keep up her little challenge, it is just to find George Bigham is deceased. And Mary Lou's being pregnant attempt simply got here up confident. Can it get any worse?

In a word... convinced.

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I chanted over and over, “Thou shalt not cuss. ” Mary Lou arrived to drive me to church. The people from the nursing home redeemed their prize. I told them they were welcome to take my towel with them since there was absolutely, positively no way I would ever dry my face on it again now that it had swaddled Pete’s . . well, you know. But they left the towel behind. Mary Lou and I watched the men march Pete to the car, his backside bare, his front side covered with the Sunday morning fun- 39 Dolores J.

Pluck. ” Maybe sarcasm would work. ” Pluck. Pluck. Pluck. 29 Dolores J. ” Boing! ” Spittle spewed from my mouth. “I have one of those,” the dispatcher said. ” I bent at my waist and leaned my head against the cold porcelain sink. All the excitement had caused my pork sandwich to rebel. I hoped I wouldn’t lose it. I kept the receiver to my ear a little longer, listening to Miss Dispatcher talk to someone on a two-way radio. Finally, she came back on the line. ” “Yes. ” “Go to your front door. ” I pushed the off button to disconnect from Bonnie Fyfe, then made a mad dash from the bathroom toward the front door.

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