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Rapid Commun. , 5 (1991) 260. 7 O. Grizzi, M. Shi, H. W. Rabalais, Phys. Rev. B, 40 (1989) 10129. D. W. G. A. Walton, Mass Spectrom. , 7 (1988) 465. 9 T. A. G. Cooks, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Processes, 82 (1988) 131. E. D. Thesis, Purdue University, 1990. E. J. R. K. A. E. Riederer, Jr. G. Cooks, submitted for publication. 11 K. Quian, A. L. G. H. Futrell, J. Phys. , 93 (1989) 3889. K. G. L. H. Futrell, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Processes, 86 (1988) 61. 13 C D . B. -T. Tao, J. M. G. Nuzzo, J.

And magnetic fields, the ion cyclotron orbital radius is proportional to the excitation period and is independent of the ionic mass-to-charge ratio. The ion cyclotron orbital frequency is independent of the ion cyclotron orbital radius and there is no restriction on the type of charged particles that may be investigated. However, a homogeneous magnetic field is not sufficient to confine ions, since ions can move freely along the magnetic field direction. f. electric field excitation/ detection is no longer an accurate model for actual trap geometries.

Excitation of their (coherent) cyclotron motions; (c) sensing and recording of their image charge signals (detection); and (d) Fourier transforming the observed transient signals (plus further data reduction). I. units) (1) are determined as a direct measure of their mass-to-charge ratio mjq. The events in the experimental event sequence, which may include interactions with neutral molecules and/or photons, are separated in time rather than in space as for sector machines or quadrupole mass filters.

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