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Numismatique generale de lArmenie

Каталог монет Армении, начиная от первой армянской династии и заканчивая Кипрским королевством Лузиньянов. thirteen фототаблиц с монетами.
Каталог разделен на две части: Древнии династии и Средневековая Армения. Обе части - в одном файле.

Le Tricotin

Le Tricotin / Игрушки из шнурочков. ДЛЯ ДЕТЕЙ, ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ, ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Название: Le Tricotin / Игрушки из шнурочков. Автор: Geneviève Ploquin Издательство: versions Didier Carpentier Страниц: forty Формат: PDF Размер: 7,35 Год издания: 2005В книге представлено 50 игрушек из плетеных шнурочков.

Chronic Pain and the Family: A New Guide (The Harvard University Press Family Health Guides)

Continual ache is the major reason for incapacity within the usa, affecting as many as forty eight million humans during this nation by myself. it might probably demoralize and depress either sufferer and relations, specifically while there's no potent discomfort regulate and no wish for reduction. Improperly controlled, power ache can result in substance abuse (usually painkillers) and to acute mental and emotional misery.

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257). 239). Hollow or fluid-filled structures do not show clearly on plain X-rays but can be imaged by introducing a contrast medium into the area before taking the X-ray. The contrast medium blocks X-rays and makes the area appear white on the image. 227), which shows the urinary tract. 205), and exercise ECG (below). Lung function can be tested in various ways. 197), which is the maximum rate at which you can breathe out. 201). Exercise ECG Electrical signals from your heart are recorded as you do increasingly intense exercise.

Usually, high blood pressure, or hypertension, does not produce symptoms but is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Other screening tests that are recommended for adults include tests to check blood cholesterol 36 Blood pressure measurement To measure blood pressure, the doctor wraps an inflatable cuff around the upper arm and inflates it. The cuff is slowly deflated while the doctor listens to blood flow through an artery by using a stethoscope. 188); the pressure inside the eye is measured Every 2 years from age 40; carried out by an optician Glaucoma Y O U R B O D Y A N D H E A LT H Immunization Immunizations for adults Immunization protects you from infectious disease for several months or years, or even for life.

Some samples, Tongue depressor such as saliva, can be collected Swab by the individual; others by a doctor. The samples are then usually sent to a laboratory for analysis. Having a swab taken Fluids from wounds or from body cavities, such as the mouth, are usually collected with a swab – a sterile cotton bud on a plastic stick. Tests on faeces Samples of faeces may be tested for infectious microorganisms or for evidence of digestive disorders. One common test is the faecal occult blood test, which can reveal tiny amounts of blood invisible to the naked eye.

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