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By Peebles, J.M.; Mohattiwatte, Gunanda; De Silva, D.

This e-book, 'The nice Debate - Buddhism and Christianity nose to nose' is a correct mirrored image of the old social gathering while Buddhism and Christianity have been introduced into an area of head to head debatable dialogue via an oral debate, led through the eminent Ven. Migettuwatte Gunananda thero, the silver tongued orator of the age and David De Silva, a Wesleyan minister held at Panadura, Sri Lanka approximately one and 1 / 4 centuries in the past while historic Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was once lower than British colonial rule and Buddhism used to be in nice chance as a result of island being overrun via a flood of Christian missionaries. The chapters of this e-book has been defined the foundation and incidence of Buddhism, the doctrines of Buddhism, the ethical impression of Bu, rebirth, Animistic or spirit principles , and various speeches made through Reverend Migettuwatte Gunananda and Reverend David De Silva on Buddhism and Christianity. moreover, it's been this publication which prompted Colonel H. S. Olcott of the US to include Buddhism.

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M r. Silva leaves Pantura* for Wellawatta he does not become a different person; it is the same clergyman, and he is known by the same name; and if the human Atma goes to heaven that Atma must be human still, and the being who enjoy’s bliss—a man ! And now it behooved him to explain this important doctrine of Pancaskhandha, in the expounding of which the Rev. gentleman, owing to his superficial knowledge of Pali, had made such mistakes. In doing so, he would take good care not to use language that seemed like Latin and Greek to the multitude; and he left to his learned coadjutators to judge of the correctness of his interpretation of these doctrines.

His renderings of the Pali extracts may be correct, but who was to judge of this? Certainly not the peasantry who hailed from the jungles of Raigam and Pasdoom 37 Cories. Even the Christian party was so con­ scious of this error of judgement, if nothing more, that they felt chagrined; and several gave vent to their opinions in rather forcible language at the apparent suecess of the Buddhists on the first day. The Rev. Migettuwatte Gunananda is just the reverse of this. He adapts himself to the capabilities of his audience, and uses the plainest language that the proper treatment of the subjects will allow.

In the advice given by Buddha to the priests to cast away all desire the following passage occurs:— Yo bhikkhave rupasmim chandarago tarn pajahatha, evam tarn rupam pahinam bhavissati ucchinna mulam talawatthukatam anahhawakatam ayatim anuppada dhammam. Priests, put of attachment to the body; thus that material form will cease to be, will cut up bv the roots, be eradicated, be reduced to non­ existence, prevent future birth. In the Mahapadhana Suttam it is stated:— Yan kin d samudaya dhammam tam nirodha dhammam; that which comes into existence will cease to be.

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