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By Anthony W. Ulwick

Ulwick introduces a method formula thought and technique that permits corporations to create concepts that continuously produce leap forward effects.

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The critical steps defining this logic are summarized as follows. Note the order of the steps. 1. First, individuals use various methods to think of alternative ideas and solutions. The methods may include brainstorming, research, talking to customers or other techniques. 2. Second, the individuals on the strategy formulation team discuss and evaluate each of the proposed solutions to determine which solution is best. The methods used to accomplish this task may include the review of supporting data and may involve debate.

A third major drawback of using Solution-Based Logic is that it does not provide a means to quantify the potential of a proposed solution or enable an organization to determine if a breakthrough solution has been created. As a result, an organization may come across a breakthrough solution and never know it. They may unknowingly reject it in favor of a less attractive solution. This can happen because the individuals involved do not know what criteria define 24 Business Strategy Formulation a breakthrough solution.

To nobody’s surprise, the marketing executive’s idea was placed high on the list of valued solutions by the planning team. They felt politically obligated to do so. The solution that the executive supported may have taken care of the potential customer that made the suggestion; but many participants recognized that if it were developed, it would negatively impact other customers, curtail the company’s production capabilities and impact the development of other offerings that were already planned.

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