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By Norman L. Geisler

Well known apologist Norman Geisler bargains readers a scientific method of knowing significant worldviews and offers either the explanations and the equipment for protecting the claims of Christianity. This next-generation variation of a vintage paintings has been up-to-date all through and comprises 3 new chapters. issues coated contain deism, theism, Christ's authority, and the foundation of the Bible.

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God exists, they insisted, as necessarily as 180 degrees flows from the nature of a triangle. Leibniz too considered his argument as certain as the laws of thought. The Rationally Inescapable Is the Real Beneath the foregoing tenet of rationalism is an all-important proposition usually implied by the proponents and often missed by the opponents of rationalism—namely, that the rationally inescapable is the real. , that God exists) is necessarily true. The ontological argument is the classic case in point.

In like manner, rationalists argue for innate ideas or principles, whereas empiricists believe that the mind is a tabula rasa, or blank slate, on which sense experience writes its impressions. It is not uncommon for empiricism to lead to skepticism or materialism, as in Hume and Hobbes, but rationalists tend to argue for the existence of God. Characteristic of a rationalist’s approach to God is the ontological argument, from the idea of a perfect or necessary Being. However, empiricists who are theists tend to support their belief in God with the cosmological argument, from the world to a cause beyond the world.

It remains to be shown that this something is a necessary Being. And the ontological argument provides no rationally inescapable way of demonstrating that that which is exists undeniably or entails a necessary Being. One attempt to fill in the gap in logical necessity left by the ontological argument might be an appeal to a premise from the cosmological argument by arguing that there must be a sufficient reason for whatever exists (à la Leibniz). This would lead us ultimately to a necessary ground for whatever contingent beings exist.

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