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By R. Lejeune

Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt (1842-1919) was once an unique. He used to be at domestic nowhere: he belonged neither to church circles nor to secular ones. He was once a humiliation to Christians and non-Christians alike. He appeared to problem and disconcert everybody. And but he possessed an odd self assurance in God's background; a self assurance that encouraged wish in lots of, and that keeps to take action even this present day. during this newly revised quantity, Lejeune offers a quick precis of Blumhardt's existence, by means of nineteen of his thought-provoking sermons.

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Many people believe this, but nevertheless go into hell. This belief is of no help to me unless I make Jesus my Lord. It is not the worst if some people are unable to believe that Christ rose from the dead—at least they still regard it as something tremendous, too tremendous to believe. The sad thing is that some claim to believe it and yet it means little to them and they do not make him their Lord. When we hear about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it should stir and shake us. “What? Somebody has risen from the dead?

The simple working folk, who were already alienated from the church, received him with even greater openness and enthusiasm. He spoke to the people in many meetings all over the country. They gathered everywhere in large groups to hear him speak. ” It is remarkable how he showed his new friends where their faith and hope ultimately came from. The real depth and truth of the principles on which Democratic Socialism rests can only exist where Jesus has an influence. The thought that God is love comes from Jesus.

God’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church only applies to this living church of Jesus Christ. It does not apply to any human church. This living church might be only a small group in the world, even in our “Christian world”; yet it is to this “little flock” that God 58 / CHRISTOPH BLUMHARDT AND HIS MESSAGE wants to give his kingdom. The living church has the special vocation to hold his light of promise up in the middle of the darkness of the world. When all the spirits and powers of this world are unleashed and seem to cast a doubt upon this “growth of God’s kingdom,” just then the church-community has a special task.

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