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By C. G. Jung, Constance E. Long

At the psychology and pathology of so-called occult phenomena.--The organization method.--The value of the daddy within the future of the individual.--A contribution to the psychology of rumour.--The importance of number-dreams.--A feedback of Bleuler's "Theory of schizophrenic negativism".--Psychoanalysis.--On psychoanalysis.--On a few the most important issues in psychoanalysis.--On the significance of the subconscious in psychopathology.--A contribution to the learn of mental types.--The psychology of dreams.--The content material of the psychoses.--Foreword to new edition.--The psychology of the subconscious processes.--The proposal of the subconscious.

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Of. Binet, " "Les Alterations de la personnalite," p. 37. Cf. , Mai, 1891. " Les " Cf. Binet, Alterations," Philosophy of Sleep," 1830. r . 69, 1892. etc. PSYCHOLOGY OF OCCULT PHENOMENA 11 symptoms. On awaking she had forgotten the words for and She had again to the knowledge of the simplest things. learn to read, write, and count; her progress was rapid in After a second attack she again woke in this re-learning. her normal state, but without recollection of the period when she had forgotten things.

1) A lady 30 years of age with grande hysteric had which as a rule she was troubled by terrible twilight states in hallucinations ; she saw her children carried wild beasts eating them up, and so on. the content of the individual attacks. 1 away from her, She has amnesia for (2) A girl of 17, likewise a semi-hysteric, saw in her attacks the corpse of her dead mother approaching her to draw her to her. Patient has amnesia for the attacks. 2 These are cases of severe hysteria wherein consciousness The nature of the rests upon a profound stage of dreaming.

It deals with a gentleman of 32, with a very bad family history presenting numerous signs In conof degeneration, partly functional, partly organic. he had at the of of 17 a over-work age peculiar sequence twilight state with delusions, which lasted some days and was cured with a sudden recovery of memory. Later he was subject to frequent attacks of giddiness and palpitation of the heart and vomiting ; but these attacks were never attended by loss of consciousness. ," 1891. as systematised partial waking, in which a limited, connected presentation-complex takes place.

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