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By Deog ki HONG, Chang-Hwan Lee, Hyun Kyu Lee, Dong-Pil Min, Tae-Sun Park, Mannque Rho

Area observations are at the moment delivering a glimpse of assorted new states of topic most likely found in compact stars, with terrestrial laboratories generating compelling proof in help. the purpose of this publication is to facilitate the trade of principles - either demonstrated and emergent, either theoretical and experimental - within the parts of the physics of neutrinos, dense hadronic topic and compact stars.

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In a simplistic and conservative picture the core of a neutron star is modeled as a uniform fluid of neutron rich nuclear m a t t e r in equilibrium with respect to the weak interaction (/3-stable nuclear m a t t e r ) . However, due to the large value of the stellar central density and to the rapid increase of the nucleon chemical potentials with density, hyperons (A, S _ , S ° , S + , H~ and S° particles) are expected to appear in the inner core of the star. Other exotic phases of hadronic m a t t e r such as a Bose-Einstein condensate of negative pion (n~) or negative kaon (K~) could be present in the inner part of the star.

6. Summary In this report, we have investigated the consequences of the hadron-quark deconfinement phase transition in stellar compact objects when finite size effects between the deconfined quark phase and the hadronic phase are taken into account. We have found that above a threshold value of the gravitational mass a pure hadronic star is metastable to the decay (conversion) to a hybrid neutron star or to a strange star. We have calculated the mean-life time of these metastable stellar configurations, the critical mass for the hadronic star sequence, and have explored how these quantities depend on the details of the EOS for dense matter.

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