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119 But what cannot plausibly be said about names of propositions does hold of another type of terms that (ostensibly) designate propositions: whenever a sentence 'p' is free of context-sensitive elements, one cannot understand the term '(the proposition) that p' without being able to express the proposition it (apparently) stands for. As Russell might have put it, such a term is a logically proper name of a proposition, understanding it provides one with knowledge by acquaintance of a proposition.

According to Prior's parsing, the word 'that' goes with the verb, and the thatclause dissolves (thereby suffering from a somewhat similar fate as definite descriptions do under Russell's treatment). 68 snowing' not as a syntactical unit (let alone as a singular term designating a proposition), but only in the sense in which it also comprises the word-sequence 'said that it'. g. 'Prior believes that'. In Prior's eyes the deep grammar of this phrase is the same as the surface grammar of 'in Prior's eyes': both belong to the category of sentence adverbials.

But he may not yet be able to grasp the proposition that mathematics is reducible to logic, because he has not yet acquired the concept of reducibility. 117 So something must be wrong with either or both of Soames's premisses. 118 In one respect, this is hard to say, since among his examples for such names there is none that (purportedly) designates a proposition, and one doesn't know which proper names of abstract objects Evans would regard as 'typical'. At any rate, Ben does have 'distinguishing knowledge' of logicism: it is that doctrine about the relationship between mathematics and logic which was referred to in yesterday's lecture as logicism.

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