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By William Stewart

Many of us be afflicted by various levels of tension, and serious anxiousness might be crippling. the purpose of this booklet is twofold: to supply a data base for victims and others; and to signify techniques that may aid humans to regulate their anxiousness and regain regulate in their lives. The booklet is written in jargon-free language and gives a number of case stories and routines.

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If the mother is anxious, how much of that is transmitted? Research on this is scant and conjectural. It could be argued that if a mother is anxious, then she is passing that on through example, after the baby is born, rather than while in the womb. What is important is not that the roots of the anxiety are traced to the womb (for that might lead to blame being attached to the mother) but that the person is helped to understand the nature of anxiety and how to cope with it. Understanding the Anxiety of Puberty and Adolescence Puberty and adolescence, with their psychosexual development, are two epochs - or two parts of the same epoch - that most people would agree to be times of anxiety.

They are the ones who, if their life history is accurately traced, will probably have experienced some psychological trauma at an earlier stage to which this new trauma has become attached. Some anxiety still haunts them. The reactivated feelings from the past refuse to let go of the present hurt feelings. The double burden thus weighs them down. No amount of 'pull yourself together' will avail unless, and until, the person concerned has the opportunity to express the pain of the past and present.

Feeling anxious most of the time Always living in the past Experiencing sexual problems Troubled by stress Struggling with illness Anxious about work Coping with bereavement Prone to irrational thinking Beset by fears Lacking direction in life Wanting to run away from it all Suffering low self-esteem Facing major life changes Overwhelmed with worry Lacking belief in yourself Often down in the dumps Worried by sleeplessness Having thoughts of suicide Plagued by negative thoughts Weary from being a carer Struggling with conflicts Often feeling low Finding change difficult Beset by panic attacks Drained of energy Worried by obsessions Controlled by guilt Ruled by a phobia Having worries about eating Page 15 1 Assessing Your Knowledge of Anxiety Anxiety is a distressing feeling of uneasiness, apprehension, or dread.

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